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Real Estate Pains of Today:

Welcome to The Lead Whisperers, where we understand the challenges faced by real estate agents in today's market. From market fluctuations to inventory shortages, to rising interest rates. We know the pains you go through. Our team of experts is here to help you navigate through the issues that relate to today's economic downturns, that your leads are also going through. With our guidance, we assist Realtors by building an active pipeline by contacting new and nurtured leads in your database so you can still thrive in your real estate industry.  Take this load off of your daily tasks (warm and cold calling); checking the temperature of each lead by one of our professionals so you can focus on listings, closings, speaking to warm/hot leads instead of wondering what to do with the mountain of potential "gold" in your database!

Why Choose Us


One Dedicated
Inside Sales Associate

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Non-Salesy Approach (More Time Listening & Gaining Trust)

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We Fine-Tune Their Property Search During Call

Group (2).png

We Read Past Notes  Prior To Dialing: Further Building Trust

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We Work 100% With Your CRM. Logging Calls,
Creating Tasks, & More

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What sets us apart from the rest?

Each Package Includes:

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One Dedicated Inside Sales Associate

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30-min Personalized Zoom Call with Owner (Jacqueline Evans). A CRM Review to get the most out of our services, and see if any of our third-parties can assist!

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No Contracts

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Calls made from your CRM's dialer (local number)

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Instant Notifications of a Hot or Warm Lead Opportunity

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Result-Proven "Rapport Building" Tactics for Highest Rate of Conversion

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Strategy Session to see if we are a good fit for one another.  I'm not in the business to take Client's money. 100% honesty!

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Specialized Lead Nurturing

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Agent Accountability - If  you or your Agent(s) don't follow up with a lead we will alert you.

The Lead Whisperers

What our Clients Have
to Say

inside sales associates

Jacqueline and her team are true pro's and a great value to any real estate team. At set up she was able to dive into my systems and CRM and provide guidance on what I could do better and how to best organize my process. They followed through as promised!

Gary Parkhurst, Real Estate Agent at Parkhurst Realty


Jacqueline Evans  (Owner)

About the Owner/Founder

I have been in the Real Estate Business for close to 20 years; 17 spent in the ISA arena (dialing, training ISA's, training teams with in-house ISA's, etc!). We know that finding virtual assistants that are already familiar with the real estate industry (AND YOUR CRM) are tough to find!

What if you had Real Estate Proficient, CRM-trained, virtual talent at your fingertips? If you're drowning in Leads, and can't keep up, or Agents are not staying on

top of them...we got you covered!

Do you have time to find affordable talent that are already trained in your CRM, Real Estate 101, that don't sound robotic or scripted? The idea of hiring, and managing new talent is exhausting and can backfire - causing more undue stress and money.  See how we're different! Let's




Chandler AZ, 85248

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