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About The Owner
The "OG" ISA

Meet Jacqueline Evans, a real estate dynamo with 28 years of experience in the business. From dialing up expired listings the old Mike Ferry way, to becoming the go-to Broker/Platform Owner Trainer for a big-name CRM, Jacqueline has done it all. She is the "OG" (Original Gangsta) lead-dialing extraordinaire and personally connects with clients while overseeing a team of top-notch ISAs. Schedule a call with Jacqueline today for an unforgettable one-on-one experience! 🏡🚀


Who Are We?

Are you fed up with forking out cash for internet leads and feeling like your Agents/Team might be using the leads as coasters for their coffee mugs instead of giving them a ring? We get it – capturing the "low-hanging fruit" is great, but what about those leads perched on the summit, not quite ready to descend into the world of real estate adventures?

So, here's the deal, according to the Lead Generation gurus and their number-crunching escapades: making the necessary calls is practically a race against time! You need a solid 6 to 14 warm calls just to get a conversation going. And that's not even counting the follow-ups, saved properties, showing requests, and the never-ending to-do list. Talk about a workout regimen!

But here's the kicker – did you know we thrive on making friends all day long? It's true! Once your lead answers the call, we unleash our charm, and the friendly qualifying dance begins!

Enter the Lead Whisperers! We're here to liberate your time and energy, allowing you to focus on the moneymaking magic of your business (you know, showings, contract wizardry, and the grand finale of handing over keys). Discover why we're not just a service but a 5-star extravaganza that stands out from the rest. Let's make lead management a comedy, not a drama! 🌟🏡😂

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