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Tips on How to Prospect Less

Prospecting is a big part of being a real estate agent. It's the only way to grow your business, and it can be exhausting, but there are ways you can prospect less and still have success. Look over this list of tips on how to prospect less while still growing your business.

1. Make a list of past clients. Then, search for them on Facebook or LinkedIn to see if they're contactable online.

2. Check the top prospects' social media pages; do they mention buying or moving? Do they live in areas that you want prospects from? If so, call them! They may be buying or moving for the reason that you can help with.

3. Write a blog post about an interesting topic related to your industry and send it to all of your past clients.

4. Professionally print business cards and call cards and send them out in mass mailings.

5. Hire an independent sales agent to help you prospect.

These are just a few ways that you can prospect less while still growing your business. Think outside the box and be creative with how you market yourself!

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