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What Happens When I Don't Make a Follow Up?

It's so easy to get distracted and forget about following up with your leads. There are too many things going on in the day, like writing emails to leads, negotiating contracts, open houses - it can be hard sometimes!⁣

So what happens when you don't make a follow-up? Well, the answer is simple: you end up losing a lead!⁣

The longer you wait to contact the leads that your ISA sends you, the percentage of them utilizing you as their agent dwindles.⁣

The best practice is to say: "Hey, my assistant reached out to you today; so glad you were able to connect! We would love to work with you; I will gather up some information and follow up with you on _____________________."⁣

At least you've recognized that they've spoken to your ISA and that you have their info. Knowing that you're working on it, as opposed to replying to them days later, goes a long way in converting these leads.⁣

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