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How to beat the real estate blues: 8 steps

1) Keep in mind that ups and downs are common.

It has always been this way and will always be this way that this business is seasonal and clinical. Don't get alarmed when things slow down; both the good and bad periods will pass. Your business will recover if you keep moving it ahead by taking necessary actions.

2) Quit obsessing over what other people think of you.

We are prevented from realizing our greatest potential when we obsess over what other people think of us and let that control our actions. Most people aren't condemning you for what you did, and if they are, it's typically because they secretly wish they had the courage to act the same way.

3) Quit thinking that other agents have it easier.

Most likely, it doesn't! However, even if it occurs, it typically happens because they had a privilege that you did not. They may have a massive social media following before entering the real estate industry, acquired their database from a parent who was a realtor, or maybe they put in 17-18 hours a day at work.

4) Quit following other real estate agents.

Usually, nothing positive comes out of this behavior. It may seem helpful to check out the listings they have coming out, but if you find yourself overwhelmed frequently, it's time to unfollow them and concentrate on your own work.

5) Quit getting upset when someone doesn't pick you.

It's OK to feel sad, but it's unhealthy when we begin to internalize our disappointments and take the rejection personally. However, more crucially, it's frequently untrue. People choose realtors for various reasons, the majority of which have nothing to do with your characteristics.

6) Quit counting on your loved ones to pick you.

In a similar vein, disappointment also starts with expectations. It stings when a friend or member of your family is supposed to choose you for their work, and they don't. These expectations shouldn't have been in the first place. It's unfair, to start with, and it also makes us vulnerable to disappointment and discouragement, neither of which is helpful.

7) Recognize that establishing a reliable business takes time; this does not imply failure.

Because of the inflated expectations, the dropout rate is so high; if it were simple, every realtor would earn millions. It's typical for this to take a few years, so have patience and keep acting consistently; you'll succeed.

8) Keep in mind that this too, shall pass.

Remember, this too shall pass when things go wrong, which they will inevitably do. Even though it may be terrible right now, just take a deep breath, do what you can to rectify it, learn from it, and keep going.

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