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If You Don’t Call Your Leads, Your Competition Will.

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Are you tired of paying for internet leads and not having enough time to call them?  Maybe you're tired of your Agents/Team not calling the leads (due to laziness, or due to being busy writing contracts and showing homes?) Sure you could capture the "low-hanging fruit", but what about the mountains of other leads who are not yet ready?   

Due to the latest statistics made by the "number-crunchers" of the Lead Generation sector; there's just not enough time to make the calls required!  It takes somewhere around 6 to 14 warm phone calls to generate a conversation. That doesn't count the subsequent inquiries, saved properties, showing requests, and follow-up tasks. Talk about exhausting!

But...did you know that we ENJOY making friends all day long?  That's all it is, really.  Once your lead picks up the phone, our rapport-building and friendly qualifying begins!  

Let the Lead Whisperers assist you!  We can help free up your time and energy, allowing you to focus on the dollar-producing activities of your business (showings, writing contracts, handing over keys)!  See what makes us a 5-star rated service; a service that stands out from the rest.  


Our team here at The Lead Whispers are dedicated, skilled virtual ISA’s (Inside Sales Associates) that take your business to the next level. We’ll save you time and money by contacting your internet leads and giving you time to focus on the rest of the business. 

Our ISA'
s seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows, and they’re proficient in a variety of admin tasks. You’ll know what’s going on every step of the way as we’re talking to your lead. Our team will remove any Drip/Action Plans if we have dialogue; helping the lead fine-tune their property search; logging calls; follow up calls; Tasks, TEXTING, etc!

Working with us will help you close more deals and grow your company. Our reputation speaks for itself,
check out our reviews here.

Why Choose Us:

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Who are we?
What we do
Why choose us


Each Package Includes:


One Dedicated Inside Sales Associate


30-min Personalized Zoom Call with Owner (Jacqueline Evans). A CRM Review to get the most out of our services, and customize your services if needed.


No Contracts


Calls made from your CRM's dialer (local number)


Result-Proven "Rapport Building" Tactics for Highest Rate of Conversion


Specialized Lead Nurturing 


Instant Notifications of a Hot or Warm Lead Opportunity


Outbound (Recorded) Calls, Texts, Tasks, Notes created directly in YOUR CRM.  Stages Changed/Updated, as well as Property Listing Creation*



Up to 150 Leads per month (includes New and Older Leads)



Up to 500 Leads per month (includes New and Older Leads)



4 Hours per day 

Part Time ISA

inside sales associates

Jacqueline and her team are true pro's and a great value to any real estate team. At set up she was able to dive into my systems and CRM and provide guidance on what I could do better and how to best organize my process. They followed through as promised!

Gary Parkhurst, Real Estate Agent at Parkhurst Realty


Jacqueline Evans


virtual real estate assistant

Jacqueline Evans has been in the Real Estate business for a total of 28 years!  She found her niche in the Real Estate arena as an ISA a few months before the housing crash in 2007; calling the expired listings (the ol' Mike Ferry way) at 7:59 a.m. every morning.  A few years later, she became the Director of Client Care for a very large brokerage; leading her on-site call center to produce on average 20-30 Closed Transactions a month!


A few years later, she accepted a position for a large well-known CRM as an Account Executive, and Broker/Platform Owner Trainer.  After hearing many of those Agents and Brokers worried about keeping on top of all of the internet leads being produced, she then branched out on her own; teaching her skills to Agents and Teams all over the U.S.


Thirteen years ago, after giving birth to her youngest Son, The Lead Whisperers was also born!  Jacqueline still personally dials leads for clients after all this time, while also having a small team of well-trained ISA's. 


Jacqueline resides in Chandler, AZ with her husband and 2 sons (17 and 13). Once you speak to her on the phone, you'll see why leads and clients absolutely love her!  Schedule a call with her for a one-on-one today! 



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